SlurryPro |  Automatic greaser

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for pump failure is due to lack of regular lubrication? 

SlurryPro automatic greasing system ensures consistent reliable lubrication of the bearings and seals for maximum service life.

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Key benefits

Proven in the toughest mining conditions globally

Time saving

No further need for costly time consuming manual lubrication.

Improved health and safety

Labour saving/less labour intensive maintenance.

Reduction in lubricant consumption

Lessen environmental impact.


Innovation today for tomorrow's demands

Reduced costly downtime and failures

Improved production performance

Extend asset life

No bearing or sealing induced damage by incorrect lubrication.

Reduce maintenance costs

Over greasing leads to overheating, waste, pollution and premature failure. Under greasing leads to wear, premature repairs and high repair costs.