Trouble shooting for slurry pumps
A guide to common slurry pump and gland problems and how you can overcome them

You can find a trouble shooting guide below to find out what could be the possible causes for your specific problem.

We also have a specific trouble shooting guide for gland problems.

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Trouble shooting guide glands

Steps for the correct fitting of packing into the stuffing box

  1. Packing is normally available in pre-cut and formed rings, or alternatively the user can cut rings from a roll.

  2. It is critical that each packing ring is cut to the correct length.

  3. The packing cut should be at an angle of 45°, ie, a scarf joint.

  4. The packing should fill the annulus. A length of key steel or similar should be used to push the packing into the stuffing box. Care should be taken to start fitting the packing on the joint side and then work around the ring to the opposite side. This should prevent stretching the ring, which could lead to overlap at the cut.

  5. The packing should push in easily. If not, check the section dimensions. If incorrect the packing should be replaced. Do not roll formed rings.

  6. Each packing should be tamped into position before fitting the next packing. Optimum arrangements for multiple rings of packing are shown below.

  7. When all packing rings have now been fitted, assemble the gland and nip the bolts to flatten packing rings evenly. Do not tighten fully.

  8. Run the pump. If excessive leakage occurs, tighten the bolts slightly and leave for at least an hour. Repeat if excessive leakage continues. Note that a good steady even drip or constant stream is desirable to cool and lubricate the gland

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