Six essential steps to restart your slurry pump after a freeze
Winter is coming

As it's becoming increasingly colder it's important to take precautions when starting up an installation after a freeze. Below are 6 essential steps to take when restarting your surry pump.

1. Undertake a visual check fo your pump and pump casing. Make sure there are no cracks visible.

2. Spin your pump manually before turning it on to ensure that there is no ice inside.

3. Carry out a visual check of your pipework and look for any splits.

4. If you have a diesel pump check the antifreeze, coolant and oil before starting.

5. Once your pumps are running, check your casing and pipework again for splits and cracks.

6. Remember we have experts and a willing team at Vaikon on hand to help you get back to full production. For assistance call +32 473 05 02 66 

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