Techniflo |  Plastic mag drive

Techniflo is the product of over 30 years experience in Non-Metallic centrifugal pump design, featuring state-of-the-art thrust balance technology and advanced manufacturing procedures.

Techniflo provides leading edge technology designed for the worst conditions possible.

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Key benefits

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Solid handling capabilities

Technfilo mag drive pumps are capable of handling fluids with a mass percentage up to 30% and a particle size of 6mm.

Dry run resistant bearings

Dry run resistant bearings available.

No axial forces

Axial forces are completely eliminated, this results in no axial bearings. On the BEP the axial forces are 10 to 15 times larger than radial forces and represent more than 90% of bearing load. By eliminating the axial forces the dependency of liquid lubrication is reduced by 90%.

The other 10% of bearing load consists out of radial forces. By isolating the radial bearing from the suction pressure and solid particles, the lubrication liquid of the bearings is always clean and above the vapour pressure for the entire length of the radial bearing.


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5 year warranty

All Vaikon pumps come with 5 year warranty.

Ease of maintenance

Simplicity and user friendly design means: installation, commissioning and maintenance in a fraction of the time without any special tools or expertise.


Complete hermetically sealed pump means no leakage or emission. This results in a cleaner and safer environment for operators, technical staff and environment. No more leakage detections or expensive seal replacements 

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Solid handling

Front and back restriction rings allow handling fluids with a mass percentage up to 30% and a particle size of 6mm.

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Dry run resistant bearings

Dry run resistant bearing assembly is possible. Contact us for more info

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Trust balancing system

The axial movement of the impeller opens and closes a variable orifice between impeller and spindle. If the impeller moves forward, the orifice opens and the pressure drops. If the impeller moves backwards, the orifice closes and the pressure increases. This way the pump can automatically regulate the pressure and forces on both sides of the impeller. The forces equal each other out, resulting in a total balancing state.