SlurryPro | Horizontal

SlurryPro heavy duty centrifugal slurry pumps are designed for the continuous pumping of highly abrasive, high-density slurries with minimal maintenance requirements.  

The SlurryPro Silver Series and spare parts are interchangeable with your current slurry pump.

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Key benefits

Proven in the toughest mining conditions globally

Market leading MTBF

Deep sealing vanes on the front and back of the impellers reduce seal pressure and internal recirculation assuring a market leading MTBF.

Fully lined

The liners can be completely worn as the cast iron split outer casing provides structural integrity and high operating pressure capability.

Extended bearing life

 Trough the use of a large diameter shaft with the shortest possible overhang with heavy duty roller bearings housed in a removable bearing cartridge.


Innovation today for tomorrow's demands

5 year warranty

All Vaikon pumps come with 5 year warranty

Minimize water usage

Our wide range of sealing options including mechanical seals and a large diameter expeller designs allow avoiding water flushing.

Easy impeller adjustment

Achieved by using a very robust one piece casting that cradles the bearing cartridge assembly with a conveniently located adjustment facility and also supports the pump wet end using a minimum number of through bolts.


Improving safety and reliability
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Drain plug

Built for the rugged conditions found in the mining and quarrying industry, the FPT (Freeze prevention technology) eliminates pump downtime due to cold weather conditions. It can be supplied fitted in new pumps, and can also be retrofitted to an existing slurry pump. It is available for all sizes of the SlurryPro horizontal pump range.

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Automatic greasers

All new SlurryPro built-up pumps include provision for an automatic greasing system as standard. Once fitted, this ensures consistent reliable lubrication of the bearings and seals for maximum service life.

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Sliding base

Sliding Base allows for Back Pull Out maintenance. It is an ideal solution in case of limited space. The sliding base makes inspection and maintenance of a SlurryPro pump leading to shorter downtimes. It also makes for a safer working environment.

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Cutaway drawing of a diamond series centrifugal slurry pump

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Silver series

The SlurryPro Silver Series is a heavy duty, proven range of horizontal and vertical slurry pumps in a wide range of sizes, available with both high chrome and different grades of rubber wearing parts. The SlurryPro Silver Series pump and spares range allows you to continue using your current pump and  pipe work configuration.

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Diamond series

Engineered design improvements ensure that SlurryPro Pumps continue running long after conventional designs have given up.  Innovative features allow the pumps to run cooler, improving operating efficiencies and greatly reduce down-time failures. A unique bearing housing design and modular “no fuss” sealing system, liner and wear part options, make for a pump that really suits  your application.


This video illustrates how a SlurryPro pump mounted on a sliding base is constructed. A sliding base allows maintenance workers to pull away the pump and motor to replace the liners

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