Vaikon provides solutions for your slurry application

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From slurries to mine water, you need heavy duty, durable pumps that you can rely upon, backed by a supplier who can assist you when you have a problem, offering sound sensible solutions in a cost effective manner. 

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Waste to Energy

Biomass transport is a challenging pump application. Biomass often contains sand or other abbrasive particles which make it tough.

Fermenter feed pumps, mixing pumps, cool water pumps are all available in Vaikons' product portfolio.  

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Dredging is the removal of minerals and sediment such as sand and gravel - used in the construction industry - from a stretch of water such as a harbour, river or the sea bed and moving it to another location.


Dredging is an alternative to quarrying and the process is carried out by a vessel called a dredger. Dredging is a three-step process: excavation of the material, transportation of the material and its unloading.

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Water treatment

Water and sewage treatment requires durable technology to enable safe, reliable draining and pumping of water and waste.

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 Water transport is core business in the food industry. Vegetable washing, hydraulic transport of vegetables, processing of waste, ... are only a few slurry applications in the food industry.

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Recycling is a diverse industry with a wide range of applications and requirements. As more and more products are recycled process and techniques are improving and, crucially, so are the number of aggressive and abrasive by-products.

In many cases, the safest and most effective way to deal with these aggressive by-products is by pumping them as slurry.

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Heterogeneous fluids, residu's, filtrate, ... The chemical industry has a wide variety of slurry applications. 

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Metal production or processing often requires agressive fluids (pickling, cleaning). During these processes metal particles come off thus creating an abbrasive slurry. 

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Pulp and paper

100 liter of water is required to produce 1 kg of paper. Black liquor from recovery boilers contains sand, fly ash, boiler grit or pine knots, the abrasive mixture all have to be transported through out the process.