IPM |  Intrax pump monitor

The Intrax Pump Monitor (IPM) is an asset management and condition monitoring tool that allows you to make the most efficient use of your pumping assets, reduce downtime and save on running costs.  

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Key Benefits

Lower running costs through improved efficiency

Maintenance free

While most monitoring devices require maintenance, the IPM is unique in that it is self-sustaining

No power supply needed

The IPM doesn’t require batteries. 

One reliable data source

The device also doesn’t rely on temperature or vibration measurements which can be effected by the environment they’re in.  


Innovation today for tomorrow's demands

5 year warranty

All Vaikon productscome with 5 year warranty

Pump knowledge

Interpretation of the data is backed up by a plan of action to increase overall efficiency.

Customer service

Vaikon is known for going the extra mile especially when it comes to customer service