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Two Vaikoneers working on a Schegler Vigor slurry pump

Why Vaikon?

We guarantee a superior, one-stop-shop experience for all companies that process slurry.

Vaikon aims to play a leading role in the slurry pump market and specializes in engineering, supplying, manufacturing & installing, operating, and maintaining heavy-duty slurry processing equipment. This equipment is crucial in numerous industries, including the recycling, raw materials, and food processing industries.

Vaikon distinguishes itself through a multidisciplinary approach and has grown into a unique full-service provider for all slurry transport solutions throughout their entire life cycle.

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We specialize in



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slurry processing equipment

Products and Services

We offer a wide range of products and services tailored to your specific needs. Looking for spare parts, brand new equipment, or a custom solution?  We've got you covered!

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A Schegler Vigor slurry pump standing in front of two Minto submersible pumps
A metal construction with the Vaikon logo lasered inside. A sand processing factory is seen in the background.


A slurry is an abrasive mixture of solids suspended in fluid.

Transporting slurry is a challenge that is faced in almost every industry.
We specialize in selecting the right solution for your application.