Gromatex | Hydrocyclones

Gromatex is a manufacturer of products designed to provide a long lasting but simple solution to containing and transporting abrasive fluids. 

Gromatex specializes in rubber lining material of the highest quality.  
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Range of cyclones

Containing abrasive fluids. Easy.

C15 hydrocyclone

The C15 hydrocyclone is currently the smallest in the Gromatex range.

C20 hydrocyclone

The C20 hydrocyclone is a medium sized cyclone of the Gromatex range.

C26 hydrocyclone

The C26 hydrocyclone is the largest of the Gromatex range.


Tried and tested in the harshest applications globally.

Delivery time

World class lean manufacturing system in combination with a large and extensive stock of components provided by a flexible organisation.

Quotation speed

Vaikon provides a service guarantee wich includes a quotation time of maximal 24 hours after your initial inquiry.

Second to none quality

Gromatex are committed to the production of high quality assets at fair prices guarantying substantial savings in almost every incidence.