Boosting Slurry Pump Performance
Upgrading an 8/6 pump for a raw material excavation company

The Netherlands


Increased Throughput
Significant 40% increase in average material transportation per hour.

Extended Component Lifespan
High-quality, and durable Schegler® wet-end parts contributing to an enhanced lifespan of 28 weeks – a 65% increase – before needing replacement, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Time and Cost Savings
Improved pump efficiency, leading to higher production and cost-effectiveness for the customer.

Thorough Analysis
In-depth application assessment to identify improvement areas.

Customized Solutions
Tailored impeller shaping and material feed adjustments for optimal pump performance.


A prominent player in the Netherlands, specializing in excavating raw materials such as sand and stone, experienced frustration with their underperforming 8/6 pump. The pump was required to transport 105 tons/hour of gravel up to 8mm with a D50 value of 5300 microns. Before Vaikon’s involvement, the pump could only manage an average of 75 tons/hour, resulting in the transportation of 39,000 tons of gravel in 17 weeks until the failure of the OEM natural rubber wet-end parts.


After analyzing the application, Vaikon suggested a modified impeller shaping combined with a change in the material feed of the installation. These adjustments aimed to improve the pump’s performance and extend the wet-end parts’ lifespan. By implementing these changes, Vaikon ensured the customer could enjoy enhanced pump efficiency and longevity.

OEM wet-end parts failed after only 17 weeks.


The results were impressive: after 14 weeks, the total production increased to 44,000 tons, averaging 105 tons/hour. This performance represented a 40% increase in average throughput compared to the initial setup. Moreover, upon inspection after 14 weeks of service, our service engineers found the Schegler® rubber-lined parts to be in good shape.

These wet-end parts ultimately lasted 28 weeks before needing replacement, a significant improvement over the previous 17-week lifespan. What makes this even more impressive is the substantially higher tonnage produced, showcasing the effectiveness and durability of the Schegler® parts.

Schegler's natural rubber impeller lasted 28 weeks.

Vaikon’s expertise and tailored solution significantly improved the pump’s performance and efficiency, resulting in increased production and cost savings.

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