Revamp of Dense Media Coal Separation Plant
Efficient slurry pump replacement


Coal Washing

Detailed Analysis
Thorough examination and calculations of existing equipment to optimize pump performance.

Energy Savings
Innovative solutions and process
optimization that lead to significant energy savings for the customer.

Seamless Integration
Replacement of Metso® HM75, HM100, HM150, HM200, HH200 and Metso® VT100 pumps. Modifying existing systems for a perfect fit with new Schegler® Vigor and Verido pumps.

Minimal Downtime
Efficient installations that minimize
downtime and keep operations running smoothly.

Equipment Reduction
Consolidating the number of pumps for improved efficiency and lower maintenance requirements.


With only three months to go until the annual shutdown, our loyal customer sought an alternative slurry pump distributor. Initially, the customer’s plant had nine slurry pumps running, leading to high maintenance costs and energy consumption. They required short delivery times, fast response times, and yearly service. Vaikon was tasked with making an inventory of the existing pumps at the site and conducting a thorough analysis and new calculations of the existing equipment.


Vaikon assessed the customer’s needs and found a more efficient solution by reducing the number of slurry pumps. We replaced the existing nine Metso® pumps with only seven Schegler® slurry pumps. This optimization resulted in a reduced need for maintenance, lower energy costs, and optimized operations. The existing stainless steel piping was also modified to fit seamlessly with the new Schegler® pumps, ensuring a smooth transition during the upgrade process.


The results were significant: zero hours of downtime in the first year of operation and a decrease in energy usage of 5%. Vaikon replaced all slurry pumps in the installation in just eight weeks, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to the customer’s operations. By consolidating the number of pumps from nine to seven, our customer enjoyed improved efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements, leading to a better overall lifespan and a lower risk of unexpected downtime.

Efficient and timely slurry pump replacement reduced maintenance needs and led to impressive energy savings.

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