Transitioning to Minto Submersibles
A durable solution for a global building materials manufacturer


Construction Materials

Tailored Solutions
Vaikon’s expertise in identifying the right pump for the specific application.

Durable Construction
Minto submersibles feature high-chrome wear parts and an agitator for increased durability.

Improved Performance
Minto pumps proved to be a suitable replacement, with excellent performance after seven months of service.

Systematic Transition
The customer was confident in replacing their entire fleet of JST pumps with Minto submersibles.


A global building materials manufacturer active in over 40 countries faced frequent failures with their submersible JST pumps. These pumps could not withstand the harsh conditions of their manufacturing process, and the manufacturer sought a reliable alternative.


Our solution engineers selected a submersible pump from Minto’s Spyro series as a potential replacement. The Minto pump, featuring durable construction with high-chrome wear parts and an agitator, was supplied to the customer as a test pump. The customer agreed to evaluate the pump’s performance after a few months before making a final decision.


The Minto submersible pumps provided a solid and sustainable alternative to the existing submersible pumps, offering enhanced wear resistance and durability. After about seven months of service, the Minto submersible pump demonstrated excellent performance and durability. Pleased with the results, the customer systematically replaced all submersible JST pumps in their fleet with Minto submersibles.

The agitator lifts settled solids to improve suction conditions.

With Minto submersibles, Vaikon offered a solid and sustainable alternative to existing submersible pumps, providing increased wear resistance and durability.

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