Wet-End Parts Delivered Within an Hour
Reviving a crucial slurry pump at a large soil remediation plant


Soil Remediation

Efficient Equipment Registration
Vaikon’s registration system enables quick and error-free spare part selection.

Rapid Response
Wet-end parts delivered within an hour of the customer’s call.

Extensive Stock
Vaikon’s comprehensive inventory ensures the availability of the necessary parts.

Minimized Downtime
Swift response and part delivery allowed the plant to continue operations with minimal disruption.


One of the largest soil remediation plants in the Benelux faced an urgent issue when a crucial slurry pump failed. The customer needed a swift solution to minimize downtime and resume operations immediately.


The customer contacted Vaikon for an immediate fix. Thanks to Vaikon’s system of registered equipment, service engineer Daan Bollen could easily and quickly link the customer’s functional location to the right pump. This equipment registration ensured a quick and error-free selection of spare parts from Vaikon’s extensive stock.


Vaikon’s extensive stock and unique registration system ensured error-free, fast delivery of the right parts. All spare parts were delivered in less than an hour after the call. The customer successfully refurbished the pump and restarted the installation the same day.

Vaikon’s extensive stock combined with an excellent registration system ensures error-free, fast delivery of the right parts.

Discover how Vaikon’s rapid response and comprehensive stock can ensure the smooth operation of your pumps!

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